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April 30th, 2021

Physics Wins Grant to Study Hurricanes

Congratulations to Natalia Sidorovskaia, Professor of Physics, and Naomi Mathew, a Ph.D.... Read More ➝
March 12th, 2021

Venus research by UL Lafayette physicist showcased in major journal

Andi Petculescu's latest paper, co-authored with Adam Trahan, a former graduate student, entitled "... Read More ➝
February 24th, 2021

Seminar by Dr. Richard Alley on March 17th

UL Lafayette’s PhD Program in Earth & Energy Sciences, in partnership with the Graduate School, presents:... Read More ➝
February 22nd, 2021

Dr. Morra Co-Authors Article Written in Chinese

How does one write "Department of Physics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette" in Chinese?... Read More ➝
February 8th, 2021

Dr. Manavi Jadhav Receives NSF Award

Manavi Jadhav was awarded the National Science Foundation’s Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (N... Read More ➝
February 5th, 2021

Magnetic Mineral Remembers

Greigite, one of nature's strongest magnetism carriers, forms almost exclusively as polycrystalline flakes, and beca... Read More ➝
January 25th, 2021

Magnetic Twists Cancel Each Other Out Under the Electron Microscope

An international collaboration between physicists, chemists, and materials scientists at Louisiana State University,... Read More ➝