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With small class sizes and professors who are truly invested in your education, UL Lafayette is a great place to earn your physics degree.

We have opportunities for you to customize your curriculum, get involved with research from the beginning, and learn from the field's leading experts.

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Whether you're interested in the farthest reaches of outer space or deepest depths of the Earth's oceans, our research covers it all.

With experts in acoustics, dark matter, and more on our faculty, you can learn from people who love the unknown as much as you do.

Department of Physics


"Nature has a great simplicity and therefore a great beauty." — Richard Feynman

Physics is the ultimate natural science, whose principles govern the universe. Everything we do, see, and feel is governed by the laws of physics.
 In the Department of Physics at UL Lafayette, we are studying novel energy-harvesting and magnetic materials, atmospheric and underwater acoustics, physical and computational geodynamics, sensor development, radioactive dating, and more. With our undergraduate and graduate programs, you can get involved with our world-class and interdisciplinary research while studying the foundations and latest developments in physics.

Underpinning all natural phenomena and man-made technologies, physics is the most sought after career skill: a Physics Degree opens you up to a huge array of job opportunities across all technical disciplines. Learn more about the wide spectrum of career opportunities with a degree in physics.

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