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Physics Scholarship Recipients for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Semesters

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Physics Wins Grant to Study Hurricanes

Congratulations to Natalia Sidorovskaia, Professor of Physics, and Naomi Mathew, a Ph.D.

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Venus research by UL Lafayette physicist showcased in major journal

Andi Petculescu's latest paper, co-authored with Adam Trahan, a former graduate student, entitled "

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Brittney Woods - Reginald A. Bollich Endowed Physics Scholarship Recipient

I am currently working on acoustics research concerning the size and movement of sperm whale populations in the Gulf of Mexico. I am working with acoustics data captured by an underwater hydrophone to better understand the overall number of whales that travel in a pack, along with the approximate size of each individual whale. I am also building a SeaGlide underwater glider that uses buoyancy to move forward, completing a cycle of rising and falling through the water. This glider is a prototype miniature version of a glider that is used in acoustics research.

Lucas Walls - Sammie and Shirley Cosper Family Endowed Scholarship Recipient

In the past, I have participated in a research project in mathematics where I had the opportunity to complete a paper. The research involved building a transformation called a homothety using only pinches between two points at a time. My research in mathematics also gave me the opportunity to present at a conference which was a wonderful experience. Currently, I am doing research relating to nucleosynthesis during supernovae. Nucleosynthesis is the formation of new elements and isotopes from pre-existing nuclides. I find supernovae nucleosynthesis interesting because of the impact it has on the formation of future generations of stars and solar systems.