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Faculty Member Receives Grant to Study Metal Structures Exposed to Gulf Environment

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Physics Department and University Library Host Eclipse Party

The Physics Department and the UL Lafayette Library hosted an eclipse-viewing party in the Quad.

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Dr. Gabriela Petculescu has received a grant from the Louisiana Transportation Research Center, entitled “Failure Prevention for Sensitized Structural Alloys Used in Coastal Transportation." She proposed a systematic investigation of the degree of sensitization in alloys exposed to harsh environments---such as that of the Gulf Coast---based on ultrasonic measurements. The project involves experimental ultrasonics, signal processing, and data analysis. One graduate student will be hired to work on all aspects of the project as a Research Assistant. The selected student will receive a monthly stipend for the academic year. The assistantship is contingent upon the student being admitted in the Master of Science in Physics Program. For the continuing year, financial aid in the form of teaching assistantships may also be available in the department. If you are interested, or want to apply for the Master of Science program, please send an email to Dr. Gabriela Petculescu at General information about the Physics MS Program is available online at