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The Department of Physics, in conjunction with the Graduate School, offers several types of Graduate Assistantships (GA) for qualified applicants.

In the two-year MS program in Physics at UL Lafayette a Graduate Assistant will take classes, do research, and perform service either as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Research Assistant (RA) in the department. The tuition for studies will be covered, as well as some fees.

If you're accepted as a graduate assistant, you'll be required to work in the department for 20 hours per week. That is professional work for which you will receive a stipend. The total financial aid received as waived fees and stipend is above $30,000 per year.

The TA is generally for 10 months of the year (does not cover June and July, when the TA has no duties). A TA, nevertheless, can continue to take graduate classes during the summer, under waved tuition. Typically, an RA will offer a stipend for the summer semester as well.