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Andi Petculescu


My research is in experimental, computational, and theoretical acoustics. Applications include planetary science, gas sensors, and array processing.

Find out more on my website; up-to-date papers on my ResearchGate profile.

Current projects

  • Acoustic arrays for hands-free audio communications inside manned spacecraft.
  • Predicting wind-generated noise for infrsound sensing on Mars.
  • Quantitative Acoustic Relaxation Spectroscopy (QARS) for real-time monitoring of gas proceeses.
  • Infrasound sensing on Mars: Theoretical study of dome-shaped wind noise filters.
  • Modeling atmospheric wave propagation on Mars, Venus, and Titan.
  • Absorption and dispersion of infrasound in Earth's lower thermosphere.





Acoustic Attenuation in the Lower Cloud Layer of Venus (Adam J. Trahan, 2018)
Speech Enhancement Techniques for Large Space Habitats Using Microphone Arrays (Peter Y. Achi, 2018)
Predicting Wind Noise inside Porous Dome Filters for Infrasound Sensing on Mars (Kevin M. Pitre, 2016)
Measurement of Dispersion and Attenuation in Granular Media Using a Filter-Correlation Method (Caleb S. O'Connor, 2015)
Preliminary Study of Infrasonic Attenuation and Dispersion in the Lower Thermosphere Based on Non-Continuum Fluid Mechanics (Akinjide Akintunde, 2014)


  • PHYS 207: Algebra-Based Introductory Physics
  • PHYS 324/424: E&M I, II
  • PHYS 437/438: Quantum Mechanics I, II
  • PHYS 405: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  • PHYS 460: Quantum Computing
  • PHYS 521: Applied Acoustics
  • PHYS 523: Theoretical Acoustics
  • EESC 642: Climate Physics