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Andi Petculescu


My research is in experimental, computational, and theoretical acoustics. Applications include planetary science, gas sensors, and array processing.

Find out more on my website; up-to-date papers on my ResearchGate profile.

Current projects

  • Acoustic arrays for hands-free audio communications inside manned spacecraft.
  • Predicting wind-generated noise for infrsound sensing on Mars.
  • Quantitative Acoustic Relaxation Spectroscopy (QARS) for real-time monitoring of gas proceeses.
  • Infrasound sensing on Mars: Theoretical study of dome-shaped wind noise filters.
  • Modeling atmospheric wave propagation on Mars, Venus, and Titan.
  • Absorption and dispersion of infrasound in Earth's lower thermosphere.





Acoustic Attenuation in the Lower Cloud Layer of Venus (Adam J. Trahan, 2018)


  • PHYS 207: Algebra-Based Introductory Physics
  • PHYS 324/424: E&M I, II
  • PHYS 437/438: Quantum Mechanics I, II
  • PHYS 405: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  • PHYS 521: Applied Acoustics
  • PHYS 523: Theoretical Acoustics