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Fellowship: MS in Physics

Masters in Physics BoRSF Fellowship 2019-2021


THE FELLOWSHIP    The BoRSF-funded Fellowship covers tuition and ensures a $1,833/month stipend for the Fellow for two years, which is the typical length of the program.

THE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT AT UL-LAFAYETTE    We are a diverse and vibrant department where students work closely with their advisors on research projects enabling direct feedback. This work typically leads to professional publications and presentations in the majority of cases. This research experience, and thus a stronger CV, greatly enhances the students' chances to get accepted into PhD programs or to succeed in their jobs. Our new interdisciplinary PhD program in Earth and Energy Science will start in Fall 2019.

Our MS program is an excellent stepping-stone towards a future career in science and technology. Students take classes in small settings, which can be easier to personalize. At the moment, the areas you can specialize in are: sensor physics, solid-state-acoustics, fluid-acoustics, atmospheric-acoustics, underwater-acoustics, marine-mammal bioacoustics, geophysics (plate tectonics), nanomagnetism, cosmochemistry, and ion-beam accelerators with applications in materials science.


If you are interested in the program, please contact Gabriela Petculescu, Graduate Coordinator of Physics: or (337) 482-6698.